We are producing the full range of aluminium casting alloys or alloys according our client`s  specification.

Our ingots or sows are produced at ISO 9001 certified recycling partners, only.

Additonally we take control about our production at these facilities by ourselves in order to maintain our high quality level.  

Smaller quantities and short notice orders are being delievered from our warehouse in Western Germany.


Alu  casting alloy production

AL 226D, EN AB 46000, AlSi9Cu3

AL 226K, EN AB 46200, AlSi8Cu3

AL 231D, EN AB 47100, AlSi12Cu1

AL 230D, EN AB 44300, AlSi12

AL 239D, EN AB 43400, AlSi10Mg

Al-piston alloy according to client`s order



3000, 5000, 6000, 8000 alloys, sow weight  480-550 kgs



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