UAB BALTFORGE  is a specialist in recycling reusable aluminium scrap and offers not only current

market prices but a smooth, fast and reliable transaction. As a central European metal trading

company we understand about the importance of a fast and reliable payment.  We have the

knowledge, flexibility and mobility to attend many of our purchases. This enables us to pay for

your scrap before it leaves your premises.


Abstract of our purchasing program:

Alu-turnings, mixed, 5 % tol.

Alu-skimmings or drosses,  30-85 % yield

Alu-profile scrap, AlMgSi05, blank, painted, coated, foiled

Alu-sheet scrap, old or new, rolled with or without Fe

Alu-casting scrap, old or new, with or without Fe

Alu-foils, briq., painted



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